IUCAB B2B Platform Italy for commercial agents and independent sales companies

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You are commercial agent and looking for a new representation? Then you are right here! Register today and benefit from many advantages!

IUCAB B2B Platform Italy is part of the international IUCAB B2B platform network. This network is supported by IUCAB and National Associations for commercial agents and independent sales companies. Here commercial agents, sales agents and independent sales companies in Italy and worldwide will find new representations. Principals or manufacturers are getting the possiblity to find commercial agents and reps, sales agents and independent sales companies for the distribution of their products beyond their own national borders.

The advantages for commercial agents and reps, sales agents and independent sales companies

Plus benefits for association members

Get new job offers by email in 5 easy steps


Register as a commercial agent. If you are a association member, please use the registration for members and also enter your association and your membership number. Your association will usually check your registration within 7 working days and then activate you.


Edit your basic information (personal and company data). If you also wish to place advertisements, please maintain your billing data. However, this can also be done at a later date. In order to receive information about the platform, please agree to receive information by e-mail.


Now edit your qualification. To do this, first select the product ranges and products that suit your company and for which you want to receive the e-mail push notification. Do the same for the customers and buyers (target groups). If you have activated the e-mail push notification, you will receive new job offers with suitable qualifications by e-mail.


Edit your company profile. Describe your company, your portfolio, your range of services. Add important keywords. The company profile is displayed to members when they search for other members.


Activate the e-mail push notification under Push notification, applications and search. You will only receive new job offers by e-mail if the e-mail push notification is activated. 

Only for association members: Public profiles

Today, more than 60% of decision-makers research products and solutions on the Internet. As a commercial agent, it is therefore particularly important that you are visible as a suitable business partner at a very early stage. To do this, however, you need to be visible on the Internet and be found. You can achieve this with a public profile on IUCAB B2B Platform Italy!

The public profile on IUCAB B2B Platform Italy is more or less a social media profile with various posts. Specially optimized for commercial agents and independent sales companies and for search engines.

And your own website also benefits from your public profile on IUCAB B2B Platform Italy. Because commercial agents, sales agents and independent sales companies can link from their public profile to their website. Of course, the same also applies to other social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) …).

IUCAB B2B Platform Italy for members​

Members receive job offers by email 5 days before they are published online.

Members also have the opportunity to actively apply for representation by submitting a free application. If a principal or manufacturer places a job offer that matches the qualification of the application, this request will be displayed to the manufacturer.

And… Members receive a public profile free of charge. The public profile is like having your own search engine optimized website. This makes it easier for members to be found on the Internet.

Current information for commercial agents

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Sales representatives are professionals who play an essential role in a company’s growth and success.


Expand into new markets with commercial agents.

More and more companies are turning to outsourced sales forces by entrusting the sale of their products or services to independent sales agents.


Selection criteria for choosing your next sales agent

If you’ve decided to take the plunge by hiring your first independent sales agent, you probably have a set of questions swirling in your mind.